Bel Canto

USA 2017, Regie: Paul Weitz
Mit: Julianne Moore,Kent Watanabe, Demian Bichir, Sebastian Koch

Bel Canto will follow the plotlines of Ann Patchett’s 2001 novel, based on actual events in Peru in the mid-1990s. In the pic, Roxane Coss (Julianne Moore), a famous American soprano, travels to a military dictatorship in South America to give a private concert at the birthday party of rich Japanese industrialist Katsumi Hosokawa (Ken Watanabe). The house is taken over by guerrillas, led by General Benjamin (Demian Bichir), demanding the release of their imprisoned comrades. A monthlong standoff ensues in which hostages and captors must overcome their differences and find their shared humanity in the face of impending disaster.

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