Le Cocu magnifique

FRA 1999, Regie: Pierre Boutron
Mit: Isabelle Carré, Sagamore Stévenin, Hardy Krüger Jr., Sebastian Koch

A small village in the south of France, just before the outbreak of World War II. The young and attractive Stella is head over heels in love with her husband Bruno and worships him above everything. Bruno is pathologically jealous of her, however, and not only accuses Stella of having an affair with his foreman Estrugo (Sebastian) but also with his elder brother Petrus. Bruno's accusations hurt Stella deeply, and the thought of his wife being unfaithful almost seems to satisfy him. Stella grows so distraught that she tries to commit suicide, whereupon Bruno swears he will improve, but also implores Stella to sleep with Petrus. Only then, he says, can he be certain he has been cured of his craziness. Stella hurries away to stay with her aunt, but she misses Bruno, and accepts his invitation to a masked ball. There he seduces her wearing his brother's mask and for Bruno this is proof that Stella has been unfaithful. But Stella has recognized Bruno, the only man in her life. Ashamed, Bruno does some soul-searching and implores Stella to forgive him. Then the war breaks out and the two lovers are separated possibly for ever.

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